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Tempered Glass Plate Fruit Plate

Tempered Glass Plate Fruit Plate
Product name : Tempered Glass Plate Fruit Plate
Item : JR13003
Details :
Tempered glass plate, national inspection-free products, factory outlets, export products, by the U.S. FDA, CA65, SGS testing, innovative design to life


Square square 20x20x0.4cm 15x15x0.4cm

Square square 30x30x0.4cm 25x25x0.4cm

Marked the manufacturer's factory specifications, there are 0.3-0.4cm discrepancy is a normal phenomenon


A: drop: from the ground (tile / cement) 1 meter freefall, not broke, no longer have to worry about home plate fell to the ground.

B: High temperature: You can enter a microwave, oven, refrigerator, cold and hot temperatures of 180 degrees are no problem.

C: Food Safety: Glass is a national free products, is the ideal food contact safe tableware.

D: improve the quality of life: the meal to see Mimi plates, appetite will increase, and improve quality of life in the kitchen.

E: Wide range of applications: restaurants, hotels, KTV, hotel, family, etc. are all good choices.
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